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19 Feb 2017

Bangalore Physiotherapists Network (BPN) Bimonthly meet -Feb 2017

Bangalore Physiotherapists Network (BPN) Bimonthly meet in association with Apollo Hospital. Brainstorming Discussions on Documentation in Physiotherapy Practice , Professional Tax and Indemnity, Advocacy, Role of Physiotherapy in Communicable Diseases and a presentation by Neuro Surgeon Dr.Krishna on LBA. A fruitful professional meet with Positive discussions About Physiotherapy by Physiotherapists in Bangalore.

16 Feb 2017

Baahubali : Physiotherapy for Prabhas

Even Baahubali requires Physiotherapy !!: Actor Prabhas became a household name after the release of the record-breaking film, Baahubali. The phenomenal action scenes that he did with ease in the film made him an overnight superhero.

For the sequel of the film, the actor and the makers are raising the ante and Prabhas will be seen doing some high-octane action stunts. However, the makers took a lot of precautions to ensure the safety of the 37-year-old actor. "Prabhas gave his everything to Baahubali. Since there was so much of physical activity involved, the makers didn't want to take any chance," reveals a source. There was a team of doctors, including a Physiotherapist and even a disaster management team to handle any mishap.
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News Source: Hindustan Times: http://htsyndication.com/htsportal/article/Extra-precautions-taken-for-Prabhas/19060547

15 Feb 2017

How Technology Is Changing Physical Therapy

How Technology Is Changing Physical Therapy
-By Cher Zavala

Over the last decade, virtually every aspect of health care has been affected by technology in some way. From electronic health records to telehealth, from wearable devices to apps that let you make appointments and refill prescriptions with a few taps, technology has made the delivery of health care more efficient and more effective.

One area that is changing drastically due to technology is physical therapy. While it might seem like some of the innovations in PT are something out of a science fiction movie, they are very real — and making a very real difference in patients’ lives, especially when it comes to reduced healing times and more comfortable care. Technology is allowing physical therapists to deliver better care than ever before, and leading to new advancements beyond what anyone imagined.

Technology and Clinical Research

No discussion of technology in physical therapy would be complete without addressing the role of clinical research in advancements. Thanks to new technologies that allow for the collection of trial data electronically, research has become more efficient and more accurate than ever before. More researchers than ever are relying on eCOA clinical trial protocols, which are speeding up the timeframe for new therapies.
One such study that has been receiving a lot of attention was conducted at the Netherlands’ University of Twente. Researchers here equipped a lightweight suit with 41 different sensors to collect data about stroke survivors’ strength, flexibility, ability to walk, and other key metrics and send it wirelessly to university databases. This data can be used to track patients’ recovery progress and develop more effective treatment plans. As the researchers noted, most clinical assessments of stroke patients take place in a doctor’s office, and don’t always tell the whole story about how well a patient is progressing. By having patients wear one of these sensor-equipped suits under their clothing for a few months, therapists can have a more accurate picture of patient progress — and reduce the amount of time treatment is required.

Video Games

Many people have a negative view of video games, believing that they are too violent or a waste of time. But for those receiving physical, occupational, or neurological rehabilitation services, video games can actually be an important part of the treatment plan. Using game consoles that require players to move to play the game helps patients develop better balance and movement, improve their range of motion, improve coordination, and develop better reflexes and hand-eye coordination. Not to mention, playing games is usually more fun than traditional therapy, and allows family members to join in as well.


The idea of telehealth is gaining traction across the health care continuum, and physical therapy is one area where it’s actually showing a great deal of promise as a viable alternative for patients who wouldn’t otherwise see a therapist in person, thanks to improved broadband services, as well as widely available devices.
According to the CDC, more than 700,000 people receive full knee replacements each year, but about 70% of those patients do not follow through with the complete course of postsurgery physical therapy. This leads to hospital readmissions, chronic pain, and other issues for the patient. To help reduce these problems, many rehabilitation providers are turning to telehealth services, which allow them to work with patients from the comfort of the patients’ own homes. Research indicates that tele-rehabilitation services effectively reduce painkiller prescriptions, readmissions, and the need for additional follow-up care, as well as improve overall quality of life.


Robotics is quickly becoming an integral part of the delivery of physical therapy. In fact, the American Physical Therapy Association referred to the pairing of robotics and PT as “The New Age of Function, Movement, and Recovery.” Robots are now being used to help patients with everything from learning to walk again to guiding them through therapy sessions. One major benefit of using robotics for PT is the ability to more accurately gauge patient progress. While rehabilitation providers have the education and skill to evaluate patient condition and progress, they have to rely on their own subjective measurements. Using technology, these measurements can be standardized to ensure that patients are progressing appropriately and their care plan is on the right track.

As researchers continue to develop new technologies, there is no doubt that the field of physical therapy will continue to expand and improve. We are only at the beginning of a new frontier of more personalized and more effective care.

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12 Feb 2017

Physiotherapist Vacancies in India, Maldives, UAE- February 2017

Physiotherapist Vacancies in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Pune, Kolkata, Surat, Maldives, UAE.
– Updated on February 12, 2017

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31 Jan 2017

Physiotherapy Updates 2017

Physio News 1 : Doctors in United Kingdom (UK) have indicated they are keen for more Physiotherapists to act as a first point of contact in local primary care surgeries, helping to improve patient care:  In the latest in a series of meetings with the Charted Society of Physiotherapists (CSP), British Medical Association (BMA) officials said they would like to use the learning from existing models for primary care as a basis to introduce new roles for physiotherapists.

Physio News 2: Physios join UK’s first emergency rehabilitation team: Physiotherapists were among 10 healthcare professionals who trained to form the UK’s first World Health Organization-accredited emergency medical team specialising in rehabilitation.

26 Jan 2017

10 Reasons to Love Physiotherapy:

10 Reasons to Love Physiotherapy: Physiotherapists Transform people’s lives, Are first contact professionals, Are diagnosticians, Are safe and trusted, Are powerful advocates, Are experienced, Work with people, Touch people, Are inclusive, Are adaptable.
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4 Jan 2017

PhD Admission for Physiotherapists in NIMHANS, Bangalore

Information for Physiotherapists : Full time Ph.D. in Neurological Rehabilitation and Ph.D. in Neurophysiology Admission in National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS), Bangalore.

Eligibility: MPT

Website: http://www.nimhans.ac.in/online-applications-are-invited-admission-various-courses-academic-year-2017-%E2%80%93-2018

Last Date to apply: Jan 31, 2017

Online Entrance exam on March 26, 2017